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Company History

Over 150 years have passed since Our company was established.Our materials for Tofu-making had been marketed not only in Japan but also in Korea and China before 1940, and our sales rate had been highest in Japan. In corprate in 1939, we divided our functions into two.

Yoshikawa Slioji Co., Ltd. as the sales department, Yoshikawa Kagaku Factory as the production department. in 1945, we reestablished our nationwide sales netword developing such new customers as government offices, various kinds of offices and construction firms. Our company has been maintaining No.1 status in the sales and production of magnesium chloride in Japan.

The number of customers acquired by our efforts for long years totals to more than one thousands. Among them, one third is for the use of food industries such as Tofu-making plants, one third is for the use of government offices and the rest for industrial use. Our superior quality enjoys a good reputation.
Yoshikawa Kagaku FactoryYoshikawa Kagaku Factory

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Yoshikawa Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Sales Department
Yoshikawa Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Honmachi Wako Building 2-1-7
Kitakyuhoji, Chuo-ku Osaka, Japan.
Production Department
Yoshikawa Kagaku Factory
1-18-6 Kojima Akasaki Kurashiki,
Okayama prefecture Japan.
Overseas office
Incheon Factory Korea

Yoshikawa-Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Yoshikawa-Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Yoshikawa-Shoji Co.,Ltd.
Incheon Factory Korea

Business line

industrial chemicals, food additives, materials and equipment for Tofu-making and other food, dyestuff, reagent, natural table salt. freezing-preoof and adhesion expediting agent for cement or wall plaster.

Sales network

Our share is great as to the materials for Tofu-making and have the nationwide sales network also in the fields of the Construction Ministry, the other government office and the general construction firms. We also export our product to America, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.